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Preactor 100 FCS - Case Studies
Les cas clients présentés ci-dessous sont basés sur les informations fournies par les clients utilisant PREACTOR 100 FCS. Chaque cas a été rédigé conjointement avec le client et PREACTOR INTERNATIONAL souhaite remercier toutes ces personnes qui ont fourni des informations sur la manière dont elles utilisent PREACTOR et sur les bénéfices qui en ont découlé.

Talleres Seicon is a small, 30 person, design and build engineering company based in Castellvi de Rosanes, near the Spanish Catalonian capital of Barcelona. The company's main activities involve the manufacture of metal fabrications including a high proportion of design with their customers.
GRP Structures is a manufacturer of GRP products, specialising in the realm of architectural components, and is preferred supplier to a number of national building companies. Originally formed over 35 years ago, the company was essentially reborn in 2003 when an external SME mentor along with a number of employees decided to seriously address the problems which had troubled the firm in the past.
Kenco Techniques, based in Kensworth, Bedfordshire, is a manufacturer of precision-machined components for the aerospace, Formula One, and micro surgical industries. Founded in 1972 under the name Kenco Engineering, it currently employs 15 people.