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Preactor Relieves the Pressure for Oil Industry Company in Brazil
avril 2001

B & S Oil ToolsB & S Oil Tools is an engineering company making high quality equipment for the on-shore and offshore oil industry.  Their main customer, Petrobras, one of the top 10 oil companies in the world, demands high specification equipment that can withstand the highest pressures in highly corrosive environments.

Pressure was also high in managing the company’s business.  Deliveries were often late which resulted in penalty payments and cash flow problems were starting to bite.

Though the company had just a few products there were up to 30 components in each, some with 18 operations using traditional CNC machines, Grinders, Saws and Drills as well as heat treatment and surface finishing that was done in-house.

In addition some parts such as rubber seals were purchased from all over the world and estimating when they were required caused additional strains on the management since ordering them too early meant more tied up money, too late and the orders could not be delivered on time.

The company had 27 employees working over two shifts and the challenge was to properly manage the 1,300 operations to be carried out each month along with available staff so that accurate delivery times could be calculated and priority jobs easily identified.

Antonio Barreto is the Manager of the facility.  “We really needed something quickly to reduce the pressure on the company so we contacted Tecmaran to see if they had a solution”.

Marco Baptista was responsible for providing that solution.  “In the first week we were able to enter all the data for some of the products and create a schedule for the following two months.  The next week we had completed all product information and were able to look 6 months ahead.  B & S immediately saw how they could control production better”.

Antonio was recently interviewed at the FEIMAFE show in Sao Paulo.

“I love to use Preactor.  Every day it takes just a few minutes to update it and identify any problems we might have.  We have increased production with our existing resources and make our deliveries on time.  We have increased our revenues by 80% but we are no longer under pressure.  We can look to the future with confidence.  I would recommend Preactor to any company who wants to improve their control of production”.