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Preactor Helps Company Take Bearings
février 2000

Criptic ArvisA Preactor 200 FCS tool is now helping Criptic Arvis of Thurmaston, Leicestershire, maintain tight control of its bearings design and manufacturing operation. An interactive electronic planning board, Preactor optimises the balance between demand and capacity, delivering improved efficiencies, better customer service and reduced costs.

"We couldn't manage without Preactor now," says Bernard Warren of Criptic Arvis.

"All jobs and processes are fed into Preactor, helping us to estimate times and make sure we are actually working on the jobs we should be working on.

It means we can meet deliveries and know when to chase suppliers for materials.

We can also keep customers up-to-date with progress and, where necessary, put on extra shifts to meet urgent deadlines."

Preactor offers many advantages over conventional spreadsheets and MRP software. It can deal with the complexities of a wide range of manufacturing systems, it is easy to set up and use, and it can be installed at a very competitive cost. 

Preactor also has the capacity to grow as the manufacturing company grows - it could be installed at entry level, for example, then upgraded as and when required.