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Preactor helps Sri Lankan company DSI Group to schedule Tyre and Tube Production across multiple sites
novembre 2008

DSI01.jpgThey make more than 1.5m tyres and 650 thousand tubes per month and have around 1,400 staff across multiple production sites.

The continued growth of their business meant that there was growing pressure to plan more effectively to reduce work in process and provide management and customers with the most up to date information on the progress of orders.

Mr. Anusha Amaratunga is Planning Manager at DSI.  “As our planning became more and more difficult to handle manually we were looking for a software solution.  We came across Preactor and because they have been into providing Planning and scheduling solutions for many years, we felt that they have good understanding and that’s the reason we decided to go with them.”

Preactor’s partner in Sri Lanka is Pentagon i Runway (Pvt) Ltd and they made the first demonstrations to the senior management of DSI.  Mr. S. Mahendiran is Managing Director of Pentagon.  “We established the exact requirements of the application with the help of Preactor Software India.  DSI planning staff were unable to plan some processes due to lack of time and be able to identify the start and end times of each batch based on the real constraints of the process”.

Mr. P.J. Yogesh, General Manager of Preactor Software India commented on the application.  “They did not have the tools to optimize production throughput and give the planners the visibility they needed to give sales and supervisory management the information they needed.  There was a lot of paperwork required and on-time delivery performance was a problem.”

DSI02.jpgThe project goals were to increase on-time delivery performance, reduce work in process, reduce planning time and paperwork, and increase the utilization of equipment while reducing labour costs.

The project started in February 2007 and commenced with the project team analyzing the current processes and indentifying the specific problems that Preactor could help with.  This included talking to many members of staff as a ‘requirements gathering’ exercise.

The system was then designed, implemented and, over a period of several weeks, a number of trial runs done to ensure it met the needs of DSI.

Mr. S. Mahendiran again. “We had excellent and very positive support from the MD of DSI and other directors which helped us get access to those people we needed resources from.  Total responsibility of implementation from the customer’s side was held by planning department.  Work-to Lists are passed directly to the operators of the machines at the shop floor level and it is their responsibility to keep to it rather than having to ask for guidance from a supervisor”.

DSI03.jpgThe system went live in multiple plants went live in May 2007.  The system uses Windows remote desktop to connect to multiple sites some of which are 15 kms away.  Each planner currently shares the Preactor license using an agreed timetable.

Already many benefits have been obtained and almost all the original goals set by management have been achieved.

And the future?  Already plans are underway to improve the system by upgrading to the currentversion of Preactor so the improved reporting system can be used and purchasing additional licenses so that each factory can have unlimited access to their data and configuration.

Mr Anusha Amaratunga again.  “Currently we use Preactor stand alone but we now intend to integrate it to our ERP system so that we can have better control of raw material stocks.  We also will remove the completely the need for paperwork at the shop floor level as we implement more real-time feedback and electronic work-to lists.  This will also reduce the time required for supervisory staff’s input.”