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Grotto Welds Preactor with SYSPRO to Provide a More Promising Future
juin 2006

Grotto Defranceschi (Pty) LtdGrotto (Pty) Ltd., manufacturer of stainless steel tanks to order and a major supplier to the South African wine, beer, dairy and chemical industries, wanted to improve their customer delivery promising capability.

They needed to know if they took another order when they would be able to deliver it! The ability to make accurate promises was becoming critical to their business.

Manual systems not only took hours to maintain but also did not react fast enough to take all the changes in their environment into account when making promises.

In their search for a solution they had already tried one APS without success, so knew what they wanted. After looking at a demonstration of Preactor they could tell instantly that it met their scheduling and order promising needs.

Chris Mollison of Enterprise Scheduling worked with Craig Howell, the Financial and IT Manager and Bryan Bristow, the Production Planner, to define their specific requirements.

A P300 was selected as it was able to meet the scheduling and promising needs of Grotto (Pty) Ltd.

The software was configured, implemented and working in a few days once the decision to proceed was made. This included integrating Preactor with the SYSPRO ERP system in use at Grotto (Pty) Ltd.

"We are extremely pleased with the implementation and benefits we have received from the use of Preactor at Grotto. It has met all our requirements", says Craig Howell. "It is not often that a program can be installed, implemented and start producing measurable results in so short a time. The support we have, and continue to receive, is outstanding".

"The flexibility of Preactor has ensured that we are obtaining the results we want to see", commented Tony Gerrans, Managing Director. "At long last we have a program that delivered from day one; our production scheduling is now accurate and reliable, thus ensuring that we can deliver to our customers on the promised day".