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NTTFIL Synchronize, Monitor and Control 3 Divisions with Preactor
août 2006

NTTF Industries LimitedNTTF Industries Limited (NTTFIL) is an Indian company promoted by the renowned Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF) to manage its commercial operations.  It has two plants, one at Peenya, Bangalore in Karnataka state and the other at Vellore in Tamilnadu.The unit at Bangalore has three divisions the Product Assembly Division (PAD), Component Manufacturing Division (CMD) & Tool Room Division (TRD). The Bangalore unit has a separate CNC Division and Product Engineering Division for development of products supported by state-of-art in-house CAD/CAM/CAE facilities.

Mr N. Reguraj, Managing Director, explained the problems they were experiencing.  “We have a very wide range of products and variable demand.  It was difficult to identify where the bottlenecks were and therefore we couldn’t easily adapt to sudden changes in production requirements”.  This had resulted in poor planning procedures and inaccurate monitoring of shop floor performance.

“We wanted a planning and scheduling system that would adapt to dynamic situations to highlight the implications of schedules changes, indicate capacity overloads, collect shop performance data across the organization and be able to compare the actual times against the plan”.

NTTF Industries LimitedNTTFIL started to evaluate products on the market in 2005 and approached Abcon Information Systems, a reseller and systems implementer of the Preactor range of advanced planning and scheduling software.

Mr. Ajit K. Bhattacharjya, Managing Director of Abcon Information Systems described their approach.  “We could see that we needed to offer a very flexible system, one that could handle the very different scheduling requirements of each of the divisions.  For example, the needs of the injection moulding division were very different to that of the pressing section and different again for tool assembly.  In addition we needed fast feedback of real start and finish times directly from the shop floor to update the live schedule on a regular basis”.

Mr Sachin B L, Manager IT, became central to the implementation team.  “We configured three different models, one for the Component Manufacturing Division (CMD), another for the Product Assembly Division (PAD) and a third for the Tool Room Division (TRD). Each model is connected to Preactor Viewers located in each area to provide updates for the accrual times which are automatically used to update the current schedule”.

NTTF Industries LimitedThey found that a Forward Scheduling rule worked best in the CMD Stamping and PAD departments whereas a preferred sequence rule was required for the CMD Moulding department to minimize the changeover time.  The Tooling department uses a backward scheduling rule for the timely delivery of tools.   Mr. Sachin again.  “Abcon also added some additional customized reports that we needed, for example Capacity vs. Load, Hourly Monitoring card, and Time Loss reports”.

NTTFIL went live with Preactor 400 APS in September 2005 in CMD and PAD, and in October 2005 in TRD. All three divisions are controlled and scheduled using a single license and have already obtained some substantial benefits. Mr Raj Gopalan, Director Finance commented.

“We have been able to minimize our non value-add processes and can accurately monitor and trace our work in process.  We have better control of material movements and this has cut inventory levels. Productivity has substantially improved.”

NTTF Industries LimitedMr Sachin commented.  “Preactor is a very versatile, flexible, very user friendly and robust software system which can yield the desired results if used properly with periodical monitoring. Abcon and Preactor Software India have been very accommodating and adaptable while understanding our process requirements and have been active in suggesting and providing solutions.  We believe that Preactor, besides meeting the expectations of NTTFIL, has also become enriched as a product.” 

And the future?  Mr. P J Yogesh, General Manager of Preactor Software India described where NTTFIL intends to expand the system further.  “The success of the project at Peenya will mean that the Vellore plant will need a similar system.  This is underway and in addition we will integrate Preactor 400 APS with the Oracle 11i E-Business Suite once their ERP implementation is stabilized”.