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Preactor helps Parnaplast automate and improve production performance
juin 2015
Parnaplast Plastics Industries Ltda was founded in 1974 and is considered one of the best flexible packages manufacturer in Brazil, being reference of quality and competence in the flexible packages segment. The company is located in Araucária, metropolitan region of the state of Paraná, and Parnaplast operates in the production and sales of co-extruded films and distinctive packages, it serves large national brands with package solutions with conservation of aroma or moisture of products, protection against contamination and deterioration by light, vacuum package and for transport. For this, it continuously invests in innovation of production processes to attend these many demands.

The planning and scheduling of production in a flexible package company presents well defined specifications like service for orders, excess of urgent demands and priority changes, high setup volumes on lines of extrusion and printing, and difficulties of synchronisation between the processes in order to offer reliable delivery promises, among other challenges associated to this area. 

In this context, Parnaplast faced these difficulties for a long time. Several alternatives were tested until a sequencing model was adopted by the company through the inclusion of a static Gantt chart, where the team of MPC (Manufacturing Planning and Control) inserted cards with the duration of each processes and performed the synchronisation and scheduling orders manually.

This methodology was efficient for a while, however, the constant investments in factory modernization associated with increased demand naturally the routine of scheduling in the static chart became delayed. In addition, after the scheduling, the daily-unexpected tasks prevented the execution of the sequencing performed at the factory. An update to the chart demanded a manual handling of many cards and it almost prohibited the managed production process.

With this scenario, the MPC team with the IT management of Parnaplast Group decided to seek a better solution to automate the production planning process and offer quick and accurate answers to the MPC.

After analyzing some tools on the market, our company chose to purchase Preactor through Accera Consulting and started the project implantation. The project lasted six months and was delivered 100% on time due to the great commitment of the implantation teams.

In this aspect, we must stress the full-time involvement of Directors, MPC team and employees of the factory, they were fundamental parts of the data collection of all the particular processes.

The solution was to completely integrate with the ERP of the Company in order to automatically perform the sequencing of all the Company’s resources, such as the extrusion, encompassing printing, lamination, cutting and welding. In addition, the solution has specific logic of setup and clearances between the operations of each sector, and the optimal sequencing of the most constrained production lines aggregates prioritization and material synchronization and project and manufacturing of plates that shape the packages printing.

The implementation of Preactor has brought many benefits to Parnaplast. Besides the automation of the production planning process, respecting all the constraints of the production process, there are benefits related to the use of special sequencing rules which allow a greater reduction of setups on critical resources of the production process.

"The Schedule is a permanent challenge in our segment because of the complexity and the number of variables. Previously, we had developed many systems, methods and process to the MPC and we always had improvements in this area, however with Preactor adoption we obtained a definitive solution to the MPC. The tool encompasses the whole complexity of the segment, presenting primarily a solution of production sequencing, allowing us to evolve this solution constantly." says Cristiano Zomer, IT Manager and Project Manager at PARNAPLAST.

About the relation of materials synchronization, now it is possible to conduct the prioritization of raw material’s purchases based on Preactor’s sequencing, generating early information to organize a better way of purchase and avoiding shortages of materials on production lines.

Another positive point is the growth of MPC’s visibility of the production process. After the implementation, in view of the high flexibility of Preactor, the system was not restricted only to factory. Today Preactor is also used for many simulations since it helps in decision making in other company areas like MPC, commercial and purchasing.

At this moment, Parnaplast grows mature with the solution and reaps good results. Soon, the Company may turn their attention to the expansion of Preactor for other companies of the group.  Sylvia Ribas summarizes the feeling of Parnaplast about using Preactor: “We can recommend (Preactor) for all kind of companies”.