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Preactor gives a Cool scheduling solution for Profroid
décembre 2008

PROFROID Industries has been manufacturing refrigerating equipment since 1961. Part of the CARRIER SCS
Distribution Group, the French factory is located in Aubagne in the south of France. The company initially began in the refrigeration contracting business but rapidly grew into the make to order ready-to-use refrigeration equipment for contractors and wholesalers.

PROFROID provides worldwide refrigeration solutions to installers and distributors such as packaged refrigeration units, bare and packaged condensing units, heat exchangers (condensers, evaporators, fluid coolers) and Power-packs. They are used in supermarkets, in food processing plants (cold-rooms for fruit and vegetables, wholesale markets, slaughter houses, meat factories) and in industrial applications such as cold warehouses, splitting platforms, and freezing tunnels.

PROFROID prides itself in their flexibility, availability, reactivity and focus on customer service and to achieve this they realised they needed to obtain the right planning and scheduling tool to help them remain competitive.

Mr Patrick DUBUISSON is IT Manager at the Aubagne plant.  “We looked for a solution that we could implement ourselves and connect to our MAPICS ERP system”.

And in Preactor and system implementer Segula, PROFROID found the right combination to meet their needs.

The factory is organised into several production departments.  Each is divided in areas where single operation is carried out.  The finished product is made up of several sub-assemblies which have separate works orders generated by the MAPICS ERP system. Each order has a number of operations that are carried out in a specific sequence.

The objectives of the scheduling system were as follows:-

•   To replace manual scheduling and to reduce the time to create a new schedule
•   To be able to control the shop floors workload more effectively
•   To be able to display quickly the impact of a new urgent order
•   To take into account our specific constraints
•   To increase due date reliability
•   To identify and manage late orders more accurately
•   To be able to adapt more effectively to changes in production resources
•   To be able to display quickly the consequences of breakdowns
•   To be able to release production documentation
•   To manage more precisely production technical data

PROFROID chose PREACTOR 300 FCS for its capacity to customize technical data and to model all the constraints in the production process.

Segula, a Preactor Gold Solution Provider based in Lyon, carried out the project in collaboration with PROFROID’s IT Department and the Production Planner. The implementation was done in 5 steps:-

•   Detailed analysis
•   Development of a working Prototype
•   Prototype Implementation and training
•   Prototype test by PROFROID’s users, adjustments and completion by the Segula team
•   Final delivery and go-live of the solution

Preactor is used by the planner in a specific way.  First of all, the planner does an infinite capacity load calculation in order to know the load level of each department over a specific period.  Each department manager then receives the work to be completed within the selected period and this is entered into their finite model for local control.

Mr Bertrand DE GOMBERT commented on the project.  “Our results have been very satisfactory. The service to our customers has improved, our stock levels have fallen and delivery lead times substantially reduced.  We are very satisfied with Preactor software, and with Segula’s quality service and willingness to make modifications at our request”.

And the future?  PROFROID has decided to upgrade all their licenses to Preactor 400 APS. This will allow them to use some additional features that will produce further benefits.  The next step will be to get better synchronisation of sales and production that will further improve customer service.