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Academia teaches Best Practice in Production Control using Preactor
février 2011
rzeszow300.pngRzeszow University of Technology is a state-funded academic institution that is a part of the Polish national education and science system. Presently, the University is the largest polytechnic in the region and continues to grow. The excellent reputation of the university is confirmed by the number of candidates, which every year, demand outstrips the number of places available.

The beginnings of the University dates back to 1951. It is when the Engineering School was opened following the initiative of the employees of Rzeszow PZL factory, organized into the Association of Polish Engineers and Technicians. Mechanical engineers were educated in evening classes to support operations at PZL, a communications equipment maker. The University was created from scratch in a region that did not have any academic traditions before.

Over its history it has educated more than 40,000 graduates, including more than 500 civil aviation pilots. In the current term the University has an enrolment of 14 000 students at 6 faculties and 20 courses of study. Those faculties include the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics, the Faculty of Mathematics and Applied Physics, the Faculty of Management, the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and the Faculty of Chemistry.

rzeszow2.pngDr. Ryszard Perłowski, from the Department of Manufacturing Processes and Production Organization, lists a number of reasons why Preactor was chosen by the University:

"Firstly it was Preactor’s ability to integrate with ERP systems, MES systems and solutions for supply chain management. The second reason was the large number of implementations.

Also the system had the desired functionality such as visualization of production load, the ability to compare different scenarios, performing "what if" analysis, and finally the functionality for modifying and creating new rules for scheduling. It was also important that we could use the support of European Union funds for the purchase of the Preactor APS Teaching Pack".

The system is currently used in the following studies:
  • Control of production flow.
  • Integrated systems for production management.
  • Computer-aided manufacturing systems
There is also a project under way related to the Preactor integration with SAP and an MES system, with the support of Prętczyński Ltd, Preactor International partner in Poland.

Preactor International, with its partners, recognizes that Advanced Planning and Production Scheduling is one of the most important topics in Manufacturing for Industrial Engineers and Managers today, and therefore works closely with universities around the world by offering them a special APS Teaching Pack, which can be used by students in classes.

The Preactor APS Teaching Pack that was delivered to Rzeszow University of Technology by Prętczyński Ltd included 10 Preactor 400 APS systems that run concurrently on a PC network. Additionally, Prętczyński Ltd conducted training on "Introduction to scheduling" for the teaching staff and provided the Polish training documentation, additional examples showing the use of Preactor scheduling in various production processes, as well as a training film showing the construction of custom models for use in the class with students.

In Poland the Preactor APS Teaching Pack is also used by many other academic institutions including Warsaw University of Technology (Faculty of Mechatronics, Institute of Automation and Robotics), Lublin University of Technology (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Production Engineering), Wrocław University of Technology (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Institute of Production Engineering and Automation), and Gdańsk University of Technology (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering). These APS Teaching Packs were delivered by Prętczyński Ltd.


Around the world more than 100 academic institutions use Preactor for their work with students. These include the University of Huddersfield, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, City University of Hong Kong, University of Bath, Coventry University, Loughborough University of Technology, Queens University of Belfast, University of Warwick, University of Sussex, the University College Galway, and more than 40 institutions in Brazil.