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Deployment Of Production Planning System In Samaravolgomash With Preactor
mai 2015
Samaravolgomash, formerly known as USSR-US engineering joint venture Kameronvolgomash, was founded in 1991 with the purposes of domestic production of reliable import-substituting shut-off valves (ball valves) for oil, gas and chemical industries.

The company produces different types of all-welded and separable shut-off valves for above and underground mounting and it’s ready to meet any client needs. The company is characterized by low-volume and individual (customized) manufacturing.

In 2003, Samaravolgomash implemented PDM-system based on the software Search and ERP-system Symphony, with the purpose of business processes automation. In 2009, a manufacturing supervisory system was developed and implemented, which enabled the company to get part-task information about the production status.

In 2010, the company developed a strategy for its future IT system modernization based on the results of an independent audit. The priority was given to the enhancement of shop floor planning.

Challenges to the company were:
  • Deficiency of a lead time forecasting solution, causing lead time calculation to take the company employees several days;
  • Manual production scheduling which, due to the human factor, caused lots of mistakes.
Project goals
In 2012, Samaravolgomash signed a contract with OJSC ICL-KME CS to deploy the production planning and scheduling system Preactor 500 APS*.

The solution was aimed to ensure:
  • timely production schedule based on actual data on resource status and loading;
  • providing the company clients with information about production time required during ordering;
  • integration of the Preactor software with the already existing enterprise information system Symphony.
The OJSC ICL-KME CS team, joined by the client representatives, developed the Preactor configuration for operation according to the project requirements and integrated the solution with the existing enterprise information system, Symphony.

Deployment of the system was accomplished in three stages. After customization of the configuration at the first stage, the implementation team performed a pilot project. It served to test the system availability on the small amount of data and to detect mistakes and shortcomings of the initial configuration. When corrections were made during the second stage, the software was bought and beta testing started. At the third stage (June of 2014) the implementation team put Preactor into operation and wrote job-related instructions for the software. These instructions defined a work sequence and cooperation between departments during the system operation.

Preactor operates as a part of the integrated information system of Samaravolgomash. It’s a modern tool which ensures:
  • automation of production planning; Preactor provides operational planning, considering manufacturing capacities based on real data, on resource status and loading at any specific time, as well as data on materials and component parts being used for production and waiting to be delivered;
  • support of complicated planning tasks: bottlenecks unblocking, WIP minimization, product changes minimization;
  • automated lead time estimation according to production schedule based on actual data; it provides reasonable determination of shipping dates for finished goods when dealing with contracts and allows to control these contracts execution;
  • automation of long-term forecasting planning which allows to evaluate producibility;
  • urgent corrective actions in case of possible out of time production or emergencies.
The results of Preactor 500 APS deployment are: improvement of manufacturing productivity due to the substantial improvement of the planning system and support of timely adjustments in process management.

"As a result of Samaravolgomash project, we have acquired a tool that allows us to create complete step-by-step schedule for 3 months ahead, in 2-3 minutes, which provides the opportunity of operational replanning in the context of different situations. Calculation of the real lead time, according to the real use of production capacities, takes us less than a minute. This allows us in conversational mode to reconcile delivery dates with our customers. Processed data goes back to the information system for it to be used in the supervisory process."
- Gurov E.Y., head of automated control systems department, LLC  Samaravolgomash

The successful Preactor deployment has allowed Samaravolgomash to win a competition organized by the Ministry of Industry and Technologies of Samara region and to receive a subsidy on partial reimbursement of buying and deployment expenses for Preactor.