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Preactor Grows its User Base by More Than 300
mercredi 14 février 2007

Preactor Grows its User Base by More Than 3002006 turned out to be another record year for Preactor International with more than 300 master scheduling licenses being sold and implemented.  Mike Novels, Chairman & Managing Director was recently interviewed by Chris Pope, a freelance journalist who specialises in Manufacturing IT, on the company’s progress.

Chris Pope:       “Mike, what was 2006 like for Preactor International?”

Mike Novels:  “We made some solid progress on many fronts in 2006 which will stand us in good stead for the next few years.  Our reseller network continues to grow and mature which is important in providing global companies, of which we have many, with local support and services for implementing Preactor at their locations around the world.  We have signed a number of OEM agreements with mid-market ERP companies that allows them to embed Preactor scheduling technology within their own products.  These companies include Sage in the UK, SYSPRO of South Africa and Divalto in France. All in all we added over 300 more Preactor installations during the year.  That’s more in one year than many of our competitors have in total.”

Chris Pope:       “What takes your eye in the Manufacturing sector these days?”

Mike Novels:      “Well it continues to amaze me that companies spend thousands and thousands on equipment and Enterprise software, yet still rely on spreadsheets for planning and scheduling.  I use Excel all the time myself of course but in terms of scheduling it’s a generic tool trying to do a specialist job.  You could compare it to using a Swiss Army knife to assemble a Rolls Royce.  It might do the job (eventually) but it will be less than satisfactory, leave a number of holes and might not hold together well.  And of course there are companies that claim to have APS products which are little more than spreadsheets themselves so users need to ensure that they choose a product that is established and proven by other companies like theirs to avoid taking the risk.”

Chris Pope:       “What are your priorities for 2007?”

Mike Novels:      “While we hold a dominant position in the UK market, we are not as well known as we should be across the channel in continental Europe.  Our product is translated into all the main European languages and indeed we have an impressive user base, but we do not market ourselves there as well as we should.  For example in France we have more than 100 references covering almost every manufacturing sector, more than many of our local rivals there, yet we do not actively promote Preactor except though our reseller network.  2007 will mark the year when we will make some significant changes.”

Chris Pope:       “What about the North American market?”

Mike Novels:      “This market is growing nicely.  We have spent a lot of time and money in building up the brand there over the last 5 years and this is starting to produce dividends.  Quinn & Associates, our Master Reseller for North America is experiencing a huge increase in interest in Preactor and this is coming through in terms of sales and implementations.  Our main problem there is to get the required geographic coverage in such a vast area so we continue to look for resellers particularly in the TOLA region and California.”

Chris Pope:       “And other areas of the world?”

Mike Novels:      “Both the Asia/Pacific and South African markets have expanded in 2006.  Our office in Bangalore, India is starting to produce the benefits we thought it would by providing implementation resources to both end users in their market as well as other Preactor resellers in other parts of the world.  We expect to make further progress in 2007.”

Chris Pope:       “What about product development?”

Mike Novels:      “We have made some exciting progress on our new version 10.0 due for release in Q1 of 2007 that includes new features, new functionality, and an integral SQL 2005 database all of which will run on both Microsoft’s XP and the new Vista platform.  We have shown this to a number of our most important clients and the feedback has been very encouraging. We will continue to make ground breaking developments in planning and scheduling technology to retain our lead in the marketplace.”

Chris Pope:       “Are there any other announcements you would like to make.”

Mike Novels:      “Not at the moment, but watch this space!!”