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Demand Driven Manufacturing Seminar
lundi 7 décembre 2009
Hotel Essener Hof in Essen, Germany was the location of the latest of a series of seminars organised by Preactor International and its partners in Germany to demonstrate how companies worldwide use Preactor Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) tools to be leaner, more responsive and more efficient which is even more important in these days of global recession.


Delegates from the automotive, chemical, foods and plastics manufacturing sectors were given the first view and demonstration of the upcoming release of Preactor version 11 which has many new exciting features that moves the goalposts once again in terms of state-of-the-art planning and scheduling solutions.

Presenter Jon Christensen, Global Partner Manager of Preactor International commented, “Of course we can only demonstrate some simple examples in the time we have available in a half day seminar such as this, multiple constraint MTO, complex assemblies linked to ERP and minimising setups in packaging lines”.

At the seminar, Dr. K. Heinz Weigl of ESLA gave an interesting presentation on Demand-driven manufacturing, the synchronisation of production and demand and an overview of the industry specific benefits from APS.

“A recent survey showed that combining the ‘best of breed’ applications of ERP and APS provides a path for manufacturing companies to become ‘Best in Class’ in their sector with high efficiency, shorter lead times and first class on-time delivery performance for their customers.”

Klaus Merz of advenco demonstrated how APS creates business synergies with ERP.

"Within ERP Systems the Lead time is fixed no matter what the demand is yet it is a key figure that is used to calculate the Due Dates for Orders. In APS Systems, the Lead time is generated from the result of the planning and scheduling process where all constraints including the current load are taken into account. This is why APS Systems have such a huge impact on the stock reduction and Lean Manufacturing strategies."

Markus Bans of ATS gave a presentation about production capacity analysis and planning for the delivery destination in the parts production.

“People are often surprised by the statistics we talk about, 50% reductions in stocks and work in progress for example, and maybe they think its marketing speak. However time and time again these figures are proven to be achievable as shown in the case studies Preactor has. Companies in Germany must take notice of what the rest of Europe is achieving and investigate how APS solutions will help them in their markets.”

Mike Novels, President and CEO of Preactor International commented on the seminar:

“We are developing a powerful network of partners here in Germany and through them we will be able to offer local expertise and local implementation. In addition many are global corporations with multiple plants across countries, even continents. Preactor has experts everywhere in the world and can support global roll outs of a proven solution to all their plants. None of our competitors can offer that.”