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Partenariat entre PREACTOR et DYNASYS
mercredi 26 septembre 2007

Preactor Partners with DynaSysDynaSys, European leader in the Supply Chain Planning solutions, and Preactor, world leader in shop floor production planning and scheduling solutions, have announced today the completion of a partnership agreement for the distribution of Preactor products.

Both companies having been in the market for over 15 years and can offer in depth expertise in production flow optimization yet each product complements the other where a company needs both Supply Chain and shop floor control. DynaSys offers flexible and innovative tools for tactical and strategic planning of the global Supply Chain with its n.SKEP solution, and Preactor offers to its customers a complete solution for planning & scheduling.

According to the terms of the agreement, DynaSys will offer Preactor products to provide its customers a full solution from demand forecasting to detailed scheduling. Preactor International will recommend n.SKEP solutions and encourage its extensive network of partners around the world to offer the n.SKEP products to its client base.   Both products are easily integrated with ERP packages such as SAP, ORACLE, BAAN, MOVEX, QAD, SAGE, JDE, JEEVES and many more.

The point of view of both companies:

Valérie Goulevitch, Europe Marketing Director of Preactor, comments on the deal: “For over 15 years we have been developing a local partner network to distribute & implement our solutions. Today we have more than 300 partners around the world; all are experts in Supply Chain Management. This partnership with Dynasys will offer our clients the additional functionality that n.SKEP brings such as demand forecasting and supply chain planning, which, added to our detailed scheduling, offers a complete solution for companies in the CPG and other markets.  There is great pressure in industry to compete with low cost economies by reducing costs and synchronising production with the supply chain.  Best of breed products like n.SKEP and Preactor that can be easily integrated with their existing investment in IT is recognised by analysts around the world as the best way of achieving increased competitiveness.   Our company’s complementary products and business models will allow us to optimize and intensify our development in France as well as worldwide.

Patrick Bourgeois, Sales and Marketing Director of DynaSys, adds: “The flexibility and power of Preactor’s tools will allow us to integrate them easily into our projects and so provide our clients with a complete solution for the planning and control of their production flows, whether they are strategic, tactical or operational. In addition, its distribution network, which consists of more than 300 partners/distributors in the world, and its strong presence in the European market, our first objective, will allow us to develop the market faster. We can then extend our visibility to the world.”

The DynaSys company was created in 1985 and is European leader in Supply Chain Management solutions. Its collaborative and integrated n.SKEP® range covers the whole Supply Chain process at a strategic, tactical and operational level, and enables the generation of sales forecasts as well as the multi-level planning and optimization of distribution and production.

Present in various business segments such as Food & Beverages, Consumer Packaged Goods, Healthcare (Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals and Cosmetics), Apparel, Luxury and Retail, DynaSys has over 250 customers all around the world. Amongst them groups like Nestlé, Unilever, Baxter Healthcare, Janssen Cilag, Chantelle, LVMH, Guy Degrenne, Valeo, Essilor, BUT International, Picard Surgelés…

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