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Fivefold improvement in delivery thanks to Preactor scheduling software
Thursday, September 27, 2012
CABLE manufacturer Furukawa has improved delivery reliability and optimized its manufacturing resources following installation of scheduling and planning software from Preactor.

Curitiba-based Furukawa, one of the largest manufacturers of optical and structured cabling in Latin America, has met 98 per cent of delivery deadlines thanks to the software and improvements in the production flow.

The Preactor range of finite capacity scheduling software helps businesses schedule production to make optimum use of finite resources. Users can enter information including resources, machines and orders into the system to determine the optimum way to use their resources to meet their manufacturing deadlines.

Furukawa decided it required a specialist system because a wide variety of products, and peaks and troughs in order rates, made it difficult to accurately plan workloads and resource requirements. This led to bottlenecks, meaning customer deadlines were being missed.

The firm worked closely with Preactor International’s local partner, ACCERA, to customize a scheduling software package for the business’s unique requirements.

Leonardo Silvério, Logistics Manager at Furukawa, said that before they installed scheduling software the business was struggling to keep up with demand from a rapidly increasing number of customers.

“Our backlog went from a comfortable scenario of large orders for just a few products, to a challenging scenario of hundreds of small orders for many different products,” he said.

“We urgently needed to implement a good production planning and scheduling tool.”

The firm has now benefited from a reduction in time spent sequencing production, as well as a clear overview of how each resource is being used and any delays between operations.

This has allowed staff to adapt quickly to changes in order numbers and increased demand, and give customers an accurate idea of delivery timescales of its range of optical and metallic cables for telecoms and Local Area Network (LAN) cables for computer networks.

Furukawa is now planning to roll out the Preactor software to its other plants in São Paulo and Argentina.

Cristhiano Fae, Director of ACCERA, said: “The results achieved by Furukawa are testament to the importance of effective planning and scheduling to businesses across all industries”.

Marco Baptista, Manager of Preactor International’s South American division, said: “The work our Preactor partner ACCERA has done with Furukawa shows the benefit of having someone on the ground who understands your business and can work to find the best solution for the individual needs of a particular company, rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach.”