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Free Production Scheduling software now available for German speaking companies
jeudi 6 décembre 2012
Small to medium-sized companies in the Germany, Austria and Swiss regions have good reason to celebrate.  APS World Market Leader Preactor International now offers a free, downloadable software package that allows companies to schedule production to make optimum use of finite resources.

Preactor Express is a fixed configuration version of Preactor with the goal to be deployed quickly and easily by small companies. It is a fully-functioning, entry-level version of the Preactor family of scheduling products. Especially small to medium-sized companies can benefit from this solution as their requirements are ideally matched with Preactor Express’s functionalities.

All product information such as routing (operational steps, setup and run rates), resources, workcenters and shift patterns are held in a MS-SQL Express Database. Preactor Express uses the data to determine the optimum way to use resources to meet manufacturing deadlines. Its scheduling algorithm uses priority or due date to decide the order sequence, and generates a good, achievable schedule, days, weeks, even months ahead.

Mike Novels, Managing Director of Preactor International, said: “We launched Preactor Express as a way for companies to try out scheduling software without any financial outlay. The firms who download it have often been using an Excel spread sheet to schedule their production until now, and haven’t experienced how their productivity could be improved by using a specialist scheduling software package.”

Companies can download the software for free from If they decide to carry on using Preactor Express after 30 days, they simply activate it, which is also free, and can carry on using it indefinitely.  Should planning and scheduling requirements become more sophisticated it is easy and straight forward to upgrade from Express to higher versions of the Preactor family.

“We are very pleased to be able to offer now also the German version of Preactor Express for companies in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. In the current economic climate Preactor’s APS solution can support companies to be more competitive and successful in their industry. As Preactor’s Partner in the DACH-region it is very important for us to support companies achieve enormous and achievable added value!” says Christian Stiefsohn, CEO MCP GmbH.

Companies using Preactor Express who later decide to integrate the product with their other systems, such as ERP or data collection, or who want to customise the software to meet the specific needs of their business, can upgrade to one of the full Preactor scheduling products.