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Preactor et Freedom Technologies : du MES à l’Ordonnancement
mercredi 11 février 2009

Freedom Technologies is proud to announce our partnership with Quinn & Associates, the premier distributor of Preactor® software for North America.  With a partnership agreement in place, Freedom now offers two robust Manufacturing Execution Systems, ErrorProof™ for Industrial applications and ID Advantage™ for military applications.  Freedoms’ initiative to include a finite scheduler in our product offering is a logical compliment to our existing data collection, error proofing, UID and traceability applications.

Freedom Technologies interfaces to a wide variety of shop floor controls such as machines, PLC’s, vision systems, among many others to collect data from the shop floor for error proofing, traceability and now scheduling.  Freedom supplies all of the necessary shop floor data to Preactor® to maintain the balance between demand and capacity though a simple connectivity to Preactor®.

Preactor® maintains a production plan consisting of a sequence of operations to fulfill orders generated based on the real capacity of resources.  These can be machines, operator, tooling or anything which is a constraint on the production process.  Through integration into Freedom’s Error Proof™ and ID Advantage™ applications, companies now have the complete capability of an MES system to reduce cost, increase productivity and improve profitability.

“This alliance brings together two well-established products with impressive credentials to add a premier flexible choice in the MES market space,“ says Gregory Quinn, president of Quinn & Associates. “During these uncertain economic times, one essential element for manufacturers’ survival is to minimize investment in inventory and maximize operational efficiency on the shop floor. While many other MES systems are establishing a track record, the combination of Error Proof™ and Preactor® is a practical, zero-risk solution to manufacturers.”

Freedom Technologies

Freedom Technologies is a complete identification, tracking, and data management solution provider.   Freedom Technologies’ solutions meet traceability guidelines for the automotive, medical and military industries.  Since 1991, companies have been seamlessly integrating Freedom Technologies' Error Proof™ and ID ADVANTAGE™ software with their new or existing hardware and systems. By offering software applications designed for monitoring, managing and controlling production line operations, Freedom Technologies ensures the accuracy of the manufacturing and shipping procedures. In conjunction with our applications, Freedom Technologies offers UID/direct part mark readers, vision verification systems, lasers and RFID solutions.  For more information, please visit

About Quinn & Associates Inc.

Quinn & Associates Inc. is the North American Network Partner for Preactor® planning and scheduling software. The principals of Quinn & Associates have sold and deployed Preactor ®software since 1998, and bring decades of experience with the aerospace and defense industry. Quinn & Associates manages a network of resellers in the United States, Canada and Mexico, and offers direct sales, implementation services and training.

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