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Gregory Quinn Appointed as Vice President for North America
lundi 5 novembre 2007

Gregory Quinn Appointed as Vice President for North AmericaMr. Quinn has been working with Preactor for many years leading the team at Quinn & Associates, our Master Reseller covering the North American market who entered the Red Diamond Hall of Fame at the International Partner Meeting in June.

Mike Novels explained why Mr Quinn had been invited to become part of the Preactor International Group.  “North America has become a strategic market for us and Greg has been a very important part of this. We now have an installed base in excess of 200 companies and now is the time to move onto the next stage in developing our profile there”.

Mr. Quinn adds:   “Preactor is recognised around the world for its solutions in planning & scheduling. Companies are always searching for tools to become more profitable and, once proven, be able to roll out that solution across all their sites.  This requires ready access to local support and expertise in their language”.

Having today the most impressive customer database in the world (+2,000 companies), as well as the extensive distribution network (+300 resellers i.e. +1,000 accredited people) for a company specialising in APS solutions, Preactor International has plans in place to significantly expand its development and marketing activities worldwide.

Mr Quinn again.  “It is a pleasure for me to be part of the next step in Preactor International’s growth.  We already have more than 100 people in our support network and we will make sure that we expand it further”.

Gregory Quinn’s previous career included decades in make-to-order aerospace and defense companies. His academic background includes degrees in engineering technology and  mathematics, with graduate degrees in industrial engineering and operations research. Prior to starting Quinn & Associates, Mr Quinn and the partners in Quinn & Associates spent some months studying the offerings in the emerging field of advance planning and scheduling and concluded that Preactor offered the best value proposition of any package available.

Mike Novels again.  “We are delighted to have Greg on board.  He has the perfect profile to enable us to better coordinate our international aspirations.   It marks a significant step in our business and there will be many more to follow as we become more global and better able to support multinational companies”.