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Munich Seminar September 2009
vendredi 25 septembre 2009
Munich Seminar September 2009Demand Driven Manufacturing is one of the hot topics for companies today as they look to reduce costs and increase flexibility to respond to varying demand.

“Customers want what they want when they want it” commented Mike Novels, CEO of Preactor International, “businesses will compete more and more not on price or quality, but on the ability to provide the service that customers want”.

At the seminar, Dr. K. Heinz Weigl of ESLA described the IT products on the market for manufacturing companies and presented statistics on the use of ERP, APS and MES software that showed how companies are using them in harness to become ‘Best in Class’ in their sector.

Klaus Mertz of advenco gave an interesting insight into the advantages and disadvantages of ERP systems in managing production and the role of APS in enabling ERP to be more effective for detailed or fine planning.

Holger Siebers of Kratzer Automation then gave a presentation on lean manufacturing focussing on the electronics sector.

PresentersValerie Goulevitch of Preactor International, the sponsor of the event and providers of APS solutions, then gave a presentation on the company, its products, and its worldwide network of users.

The attention then focussed on the proven benefits of using APS solutions to become demand driven.  This was done through a number of case studies of companies in different manufacturing sectors including Electronics, Chemicals, Automotive, Complex Machinery, Pharmaceuticals and Food & Beverages.

Finally Markus Bans of ATS then described a case study in a foundry followed by another case study presented by Dr. K. Heinz Weigl in the furniture sector.

The event was attended by more than 40 people and took place at the Technical University of Munich.