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Planning Manufacturing Hosts Conference in Spain Featuring Siemens Digital Factory Innovations
vendredi 20 novembre 2015
"MOM, the first step to Smart Factory" was presented in Madrid about the latest technological innovations on the digitalization of the industry. The meeting, attended by more than 70 industry executives based in Spain, was sponsored by Siemens along with Spanish company Planning Manufacturing.

Several internationally renowned speakers showed how to successfully digitalize the factory through case studies and live demonstrations of Siemens software solutions for industrial digitalization, namely Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) technology, the only portfolio that can integrate all the planning and management of factory operations into one system.

Rolf Ebnet, CEO of Preactor International – A Siemens Company and General Manager of SIMATIC IT MES UK, addressed industrial integration and the Siemens approach to the vision of the Industry 4.0. This vision was the key theme of the day. The digital company, intelligent scanning, and the focus on optimizing the production and quality with a modular portfolio were the strong points in his speech. "Siemens has a clear mission to provide a comprehensive solution to all industries, supporting our customers with experience in all different industries," said the Siemens expert.

Siemens production planning expert, Sylvain Carrouée, presented live demonstrations of the new features in the SIMATIC IT Preactor APS system, which is part of Siemens MOM portfolio. Other MOM solutions were presented by Sergio Ballesteros, head of Siemens SIMATIC IT Spain. They talked about the importance of planning and programming, its detail and horizon, with the paperless factory "all digitized", and the MOM solutions are key to connecting PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), ERP, and plant automation.

David Loidi, Project Director at Planning Manufacturing, concluded by explaining the key concepts of the implementation of the MOM solutions and the improvement plan for successfully achieving the desired goals and objectives by companies. "Digitalization is much more than the incorporation of technology, it is changing the organization by leveraging technology to adapt to customer needs and be more competitive."

The Manufacturing Operations Management is a comprehensive management system for all operations of a factory, such as planning, production management, and quality management, among others. This is as a revolutionary system as ERP was in the 1990s. Siemens MOM technology is the first step to a Smart Factory and Industry 4.0, introducing digital technologies to industry.

The Spanish company Planning Manufacturing, organizer of the event, is composed of engineers of business and industrial information, specialized in helping industry to achieve a Smart Factory, with their technology partner Siemens, the only company offering a unique product for the entire digitalization and automation of a factory.