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Preactor Express Proves Runaway Success
jeudi 3 février 2011
Free of charge production planning & scheduling solution already downloaded and activated by 200 companies.

Preactor International, the world’s leading specialist planning and scheduling Software Company, today announced that several hundred companies have already downloaded and activated the new entry-level solution, Preactor Express. Available since January 4th 2011, Preactor Express is aimed specifically at providing smaller companies with access to the proven flexibility and functionality of the industry’s leading planning and scheduling solution. Based on the company’s latest version Preactor 11, Preactor Express is completely free of charge.

Mike Novels, CEO of Preactor International comments on the number of registrations. “We are delighted but not surprised by the tremendous response to the launch of Preactor Express. It confirms our strategic and innovative decision to make our proven technology available free of charge to smaller companies historically struggling to manage their production with spreadsheets or out-dated planning applications.”

He continues, “Smaller companies face a unique range of challenges and opportunities as the business climate emerges from the recent recession. The reality is that without appropriate planning and scheduling tools, some such companies won’t thrive as they otherwise might while others won’t survive at all. Preactor Express, available free of charge, gives these manufacturers the best possible chance to gain agility, visibility and competitive advantage. And, because of the excellent scalability of the Preactor family of solutions, there is an assured upgrade path available. Now every company, irrespective of size or budget, can discover for themselves, the widely acknowledged benefits that Preactor can deliver.”

Preactor Express is available now from