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Preactor User Group Celebrates Partnership Success
mardi 24 novembre 2009
End Users, Partners and Preactor International share growing benefits from production planning and scheduling software.

Preactor International, the world’s leading specialist planning and scheduling Software Company, announced strong attendance levels at its annual UK user group held at Coventry in November 2008. More than 80 attendees comprising users, potential users, exhibitors, sponsors, Preactor Partners and press took part in what was described as a “very upbeat and positive” day.
Central to this was a wide ranging series of presentations and demonstrations of how manufacturers can make significant benefits from improvements in production planning and scheduling. The presentations covered Preactor’s next release, complementary Preactor applications, Hints and Tips in using Preactor, and first-hand customer experience about how to maximise the use of Preactor’s Finite Capacity Scheduling (FCS) and Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) software.


Mike Novels, Preactor’s CEO also outlined plans for the future the ongoing development of what is widely recognised as the leading family of independent production planning and scheduling solutions with a pedigree lasting over 16 years. “In addition to having over 1000 fully accredited planning and scheduling specialists around the world, a key element of our success is the continual, ongoing development of Preactor. With over 2500 companies using our solutions in 65 countries in every manufacturing sector, Preactor has an unparalleled wealth of real world experience that has shaped its evolution.”

He continues, “There is a very real sense of partnership with our customers and our partner network which means we are continually generating feedback for what manufacturers really need out there in order to remain competitive and be successful. This is why our solutions are always evolving, unlike our competitors which are essentially using the same software as five years ago.”

Kenny Tannock, Stock Supply Manager for Highland Spring was just one of the Preactor users present and comments on why he and other users benefit from the User Day. “It’s always positive to meet other users facing similar challenges and to see how they use Preactor to overcome them. Even if they’re in a different manufacturing sector, you can learn a great deal from their ingenuity and because Preactor is so flexible and configurable, a lot of this can be transferred to your own situation. I’ll certainly be taking ideas back from today.”

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Partners also benefit as Alan Keene, Managing Director of The Scheduling Business Ltd explains. “Information sharing is something which everyone benefits from. As a Partner I see how other manufacturers are using the system and how other partners are developing the system. I also get to show the developments we are making which in turn can help others. For me, it’s well worth making the effort to come,”

The timing of the User Group coincided with the publication of another Manufacturing report which showed that planning and scheduling software was the second most frequently invested in manufacturing IT solution along with product design, with business analytics being number one.