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Preactor will be attending the Gitex 2012 Trade Show at Dubai, France pavilion, from 14 to 18 October
Monday, September 24, 2012
Preactor delivers a range of planning and scheduling (APS) solutions for manufacturing companies. Easy to integrate with ERP and MES, companies can obtain a return on investment in just a few weeks by increasing efficiency, reducing inventory and work in progress and improving on-time delivery performance.

APS software is now recognised in markets everywhere in the world. The Preactor Group has been able to grow rapidly with an average growth rate of more than 20% per year.  Most industrial companies now use ERP systems but often see the limitations of their solution for doing detailed scheduling of resources. Adding a simple and easy to integrate scheduling solution like Preactor helps them to enable rather than replace their ERP and remain competitive by optimizing their production flow as well as reducing costs.

Preactor offers a full range of solutions that exactly match the production constraints. Costs depend on the complexity of the manufacturing environment and the number of plants where the solution is to be used.

The benefits can be spectacular in a very short time. Customers can implement Preactor in few weeks only (typical 2 to 3 months) and achieve very significant benefits, for example, 90% increase in on-time deliveries and 50% reduction in their inventories.

Also the time taken to generate a detailed schedule is much shorter. For example a planner might take one full day to prepare the weekly manufacturing plan while it takes just few seconds for Preactor to do it.  It will take into account all resources and specificities as well as all production constraints of any kind (set up, cleaning, breaks, etc…) to provide companies with an accurate plan. The plan produced can then release the data back to ERP or MES to synchronise the system. The planner can thus concentrate on other more added-value activities.

Preactor is now looking to extend its presence in the region where it has already some customers (for example Awal Gulf in Bahrain, Kabbani in Saudi Arabia etc..). It is also looking to find more partners to help sell, implement and support Preactor across the region.