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Siemens releases new version of its Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) solution, SIMATIC IT Preactor APS
lundi 12 octobre 2015
simatic_it_preactor_2015_website.jpgSiemens continues to build upon its lead in providing complete manufacturing operations management (MOM) solutions for the Digital Factory to help companies become more efficient and competitive. The new version of its SIMATIC IT Preactor Advanced Planning & Scheduling  product range has been simplified to fewer editions with more functionality and faster implementations, in order to better fit customer needs and shorten the time to ROI. SIMATIC IT Preactor APS retains its outstanding flexibility to run standalone or integrated with other ERP & MES systems, as well as native support for integration with other software products of its MOM portfolio.

SIMATIC IT Preactor Advanced Planning (AP) is a strategic decision support tool which combines forecasts and orders with stock levels and capacity to automatically generate longer term plan(s) to ensure future demand can be met. Multiple scenarios can be saved and compared.

SIMATIC IT Preactor Advanced Scheduling (AS), a finite capacity scheduling system, has been streamlined to three editions. Each edition offers more features across the range, such as multiple constraints and material availability to quickly create a realistic production schedule based on availability of resources. The ability to automatically create and compare production schedules enables manufacturers to react quickly to unexpected changes and reduce non-value-add activities such as changeovers and setup times.

The SIMATIC IT Preactor APS product range continues to support lean manufacturing initiatives by reducing waste and has increased flexibility with the customer in mind, such as the ability to customize the user interface and more flexible integration options, workflows, and order routing set-ups. A more flexible licensing program also means that multiple licenses have become more cost effective.

Siemens continues to demonstrate its expertise in the Manufacturing Operations Management arena, providing holistic manufacturing solutions which can be combined to achieve increased benefits in the complete product lifecycle and support a digital factory strategy suitable for any industry.

For more information see our product pages: SIMATIC IT Preactor AS and SIMATIC IT Preactor AP