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Software firm celebrates South American expansion
Thursday, July 19, 2012
SOFTWARE company Preactor International has successfully launched a new South American division to help manufacturers across the continent become more efficient.

Based in Vitória, Brazil, Preactor South America (PSA) will coordinate and support a growing network of South American business partners.

PSA has already recruited and trained seven new business partners across Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Ecuador since the division began operating in January this year. This is in addition to reconfirming partnership relationships with a further ten partners.

The partners are accredited to sell, implement, provide training on and support the use of Preactor software. Some partners offer Preactor linked with their own system such as ERP and MES. Others are system integrators or manufacturing consultancies with expertise to link Preactor with any other software.

Marco Baptista, Manager of Preactor South America, said: “The South American economy is experiencing a good moment compared with other regions in the world. We picked 2012 to open the PSA division to expand our partner network across South America, to help growing businesses make better decisions in order to become more profitable and competitive.

“So far this year Preactor business in South America is growing significantly, with many successful new implementations of Preactor. This confirms that companies are looking for technology that can help them to improve their business and they are recognising the benefits they can obtain by using Preactor to manage their production in a more agile and efficient way, even when demand varies drastically.”

PSA is now focusing on finding new partners in specific areas of Chile, Uruguay and Brazil, with the aim of ending 2012 with 20 to 25 Preactor partners across the continent.

Businesses already using the Preactor software in South America include companies such as Pfizer, Aché, Laboratorios Raffo, Arcelor-Mittal, Gerdau, Bolland, Artis Matriz, B&S Oil Tools, Akzo Nobel, Furukawa, Grendene, Xalingo, Brinquedos Bandeirantes, Nutrimental, Britanite, Herrbaier, Flexoprint, Klabin, Micropress, Goodyear, Margirius,Plasútil and Grupo Tornado.

Mike Novels, CEO of Preactor International, said the launch of the South American division was a significant development for the company.

“South America has been a strong market for us for many years and we have many valued partners who have established more than 280 accounts there over the last few years,” he said.

“PSA represents our local presence to support our partner network and expand it to take advantage of the increasing market opportunities across the region.”