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Strategic Relationship with Sage
jeudi 27 novembre 2008

Sage has announced "job" alliances on the supply chain market, thus broadening Sage ERP X3's workshop management functions with the Osys solution and payment orders thanks to the Preactor module.

These new functions are available on both versions of Sage ERP X3: Sage ERP X3 Standard Edition and Sage ERP X3 Premium Edition.

The Manufacturing Execution System (MES): Optimization of management and production tracking
The now largely recognized workshop management system, also known as M.E.S. (Manufacturing Execution System) complies with the need to improve productivity - a strategic theme for industrial companies.

Connected to Sage ERP X3, the MES is a tool for managing production tracking as close as possible to the workshop. It combines 11 functions such as data acquisition and archiving, resource management, production tracking, performance analysis, industrial traceability, quality and payment orders.

“Sage ERP X3 users will now be able to schedule and organize their production and ensure they have all the necessary means (components, equipment, operators) to produce within the planned deadlines and costs” said Fabrice Chausserais, Osys’s Manager.

"The MES market is currently thriving. This software is required in order to provide productivity gains which are essential for keeping industrial companies competitive. Sage ERP X3 is one of the major software packages and the interfacing with Osys's MES solution provides an intelligent answer to the needs of industrial companies for their entire production management process. Moreover, thanks to its modelling engine, Osys enables Sage to meet vertical supply demands in the following areas: plastics, aeronautics, automotive, agri-business, luxury goods, etc. " Fabrice Chausserais explains.

By communicating with Sage ERP X3, the MES makes it easier to trace events and contributes to reducing lead-times and improving quality, which are the central challenges of continuous improvement policies.

Advanced Planning Scheduling (APS): controlling the organization and the synchronisation of production orders

Workshop scheduling and payment orders are real challenges for manufacturers and are often poorly covered by ERP applications. These subjects are an undeniable problem to which the integration of the Preactor payment order module into Sage ERP X3 provides a pragmatic solution.

Preactor’s APS, which is easy to connect to Sage ERP X3, offers an interactive schedule capable of reacting automatically to hazards such as failures, urgent, cancelled or postponed orders by building a new schedule in real-time, carrying out simulations, analysing their performances, comparing them with each other and thus making the right decisions. Sage ERP X3 users will now be able to benefit from a powerful scheduling and payment order solution which takes their many production constraints as well as their resources (human, machine, time, etc.) into account. They will have an optimal solution at their disposal which is quick and easy to implement, perfectly integrated to their information systems and cost-effective in terms of resources and product expenditure. This Sage ERP - APS Preactor combination enables manufacturers to save a significant amount of time and to cut down on production costs as a consequence. Furthermore, the fact that Preactor is present in almost 70 countries guarantees the software developer the ability to support the deployment of the Sage ERP X3 solution in its international development.

“With almost 2,500 companies benefiting from its solutions, Preactor is arguably the leading independent solution provider of this area which will enable Sage to profit from Preactor’s expertise by providing it with a solution which is perfectly suited to the needs of its customers and prospects and seamlessly integrates with Sage X3”, explains Valérie Goulevitch, Europe Marketing Director for Preactor.

To conclude, Sophie Dumas, Head of the Supply Chain market at Sage, highlights the fact that: "With 2,400 customers on the ERP of which 32% in industry, Sage ERP X3 is already a leading solution among Medium and Large size Companies. These applicative partnerships established with companies known as references in their branches enable us to widen the functional depth of our Sage ERP X3 solution, to add value to our industrial customers and to strengthen our position as an important player in this area. Additionally, our partners’ ability to support us internationally has been decisive in terms of our choices".