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TRIMO d.d. will use PREACTOR for scheduling production operations
Monday, April 23, 2012
INEA signed a contract with company Trimo d.d., Trebnje, to deliver Preactor. Preactor is state-of-the-art software tool for planning and scheduling production operations. It can create working orders that overcome challenges inside production (current stock level management, real capacity production limitations, human resources,...).

Trimo has been developing original and complete solutions for steel buildings, roofs, façades, steel constructions, containers and sound and insulation systems for 50 years.

Company Trimo expects next benefits using Preactor 400:
  • increased production capacity
  • lower set up times
  • lower stock (unfinished, finished goods)
  • shorter delivery times
Preactor is a substitite for Excel and other 'planning modules' that are available on the market today. Preactor connects with ERP systems (like SAP) and MES systems via interface and this creates a possibility to exploit all Preactor features.