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Preactor Pricing
How much will a Preactor Implementation cost?

The cost of a Preactor system will depend on the Preactor product you choose and the services required to implement the solution including links to other software such as ERP, MES, shop floor data collection and so on.


The Preactor products are priced per master scheduling license. Unlike ERP software this cost is not 'per seat'.  Typically a company has one master scheduling license and a number of Preactor Viewers to share scheduling information across a network. Discounts are available for multiple license purchases.

There is also a Preactor Enterprise license which is a benefit for multi-plant applications which offers a significant discount for users expecting to need more than 5 master scheduling licenses maybe within one plant or, more likely, to implement Preactor in multiple plants.


The cost of the services will vary according to the complexity of the scheduling problem and the integration requirements. Many implementations use templates focused on specific sectors and can be used with very little if any modification.  However one of the many strengths of Preactor is that it can be customized to meet specific needs without any programming or change to the core code. 

You may want to customize and implement Preactor yourself in which case there are training courses available to help you with that.

Alternatively you may want to use the services of one our partners who are located around the world who will provide both implementation and go-live support. Typically you should expect the cost of services to be one to two times the software license cost though this will vary significantly from one project to another.

We recommend that you conduct a Design Workshop with a Preactor partner to establish the requirements and a common understanding of what the problem is and what you are expecting from the implementation. This would involve management and operations management staff with the consultant or project manager who will be responsible for delivering the application.


There is also the opportunity to purchase PreactorCover with the license. This annual maintenance fee will entitle you to free telephone/email support and also free upgrades to new versions of Preactor as they are released.

You should expect to pay around 17.5% of the license fee for PreactorCover.

Need a Price List?

You can either contact one of our offices located around the world or one of our many accredited Preactor Partners to get a software price list or let us get someone to contact you by submitting the form below.