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Production Planning & Scheduling for Eletronics and Electrical Equipment Industries

Preactor is used by many companies in the electronics and optical equipment sectors. 

Global competition is particularly severe in the electrical equipment and electronics sector where the boom in demand has seen the creation of new and efficient manufacturing plants with the cost efficiencies of mass production.

The current trends in manufacturing are aimed at lowering inventory levels to reduce costs, while still being able to respond to shorter lead times and thereby satisfy customer demand. This forces companies to find ways to optimize production operations by reducing or eliminating non-value-added activities such as setup or waiting time. Highlighting potential problems allows action to be taken to balance demand and capacity.

You need to see the impact of your decisions. This cannot be achieved with more generalized tools, such as a spreadsheet. Preactor helps to:
  • visualize the current load;
  • see the impact of unexpected events;
  • ask ʻwhat ifʼ questions;
  • compare alternatives;
...and all before the decision is made.



  • Audio Equipment
  • CCTV Systems
  • Electric Appliances
  • Electrical Heating Equipment
  • Electro-optic Devices
  • Motors, sensors, switches, actuators
  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Semiconductor Processing and Packaging
  • Switchgear and Motor Controls
  • Telephone Equipment and Cellular Telephones
  • Transformers & Rectifiers
  • UPS Systems

Electornics and Electrical Equipment Case Studies:

Chasco Machine
Contour Premier Aircraft Seating
Harmon Manufacturing
Pechiney Aviatube
Kenco Techniques
Williams & Co

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