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Production Planning & Scheduling for Metals & Metal Fabrication

Preactor is used widely in the metal processing sector from foundries to continuous casting of billets, from wire making to forging. Wire making in particular can be a complex process to plan when wire thickness can affect the timing of bobbin changes. Foundries may have multiple constraints including floor space, moulding boxes, patterns and labour. Grouping of batches into ovens that have the same heat treatment requirements is also a common requirement.

The term Metal Fabrications sector covers a huge variety of companies whose products range from small batch formed and welded assemblies to one-off designs that can only be lifted with a crane. Often the constraints in these type of applications can be both equipment and staff with the right skills to carry out the various tasks required.



  • Copper Core Electrical Cables
  • Foundries, Die Castings and Forgings
  • Hardfacing Nickel & Cobalt Alloys
  • High Pressure & Gravity Diecastings
  • Rolled and Extruded Aluminium Products
  • Steel and Copper Drawing & Stamping
  • Steel Making
  • Thin Film Coating and Foils
  • Turbine Blades
  • Welded and Cast Tubing and Fabrications
  • Wire and Cable MakingAluminium Aerosol Cans & Cartridges
  • Architectural Metal Building Products
  • Furniture Hardware, Racking, & Shelving
  • Can, Bottle Crown & Containers
  • Cladding, Decking & Composite Metal Panels
  • Custom Sheet Metal Fabrications
  • Doors, Windows, Handles & Hinges
  • Electronics Enclosures & Racks
  • Metal Hoses & Bellows
  • Stainless Steel Tanks & Silos
  • Steel Boilers & Heat Exchangers
  • Sub-sea Equipment & Services

Metals & Metal Fabrication Case Studies:

Rudolph Usinados
Summit PackagingSystems
Metalúrgica Fey
D&D Manufatureira

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