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Partner with Preactor

The demand for Preactor planning & scheduling solutions is growing and we're expanding our partner network. Preactor provides a flexible framework for building software solutions for your customers. More than 90% of Preactor licenses are sold throught our global partner channel. In addition to license sales, there are revenue opportunties for project implementations and customization services. Preactor can be considered a sales enabler for ERP, as it integrates and enhances other products. 


Partner Agreements

In order to sell Preactor you must be a legally formed company and sign a Partner Agreement. There is no fee paid to become a Preactor Partner. We have a range of partner tiers based on performance, from Business Associates to Gold Solution Providers, and many different ways of working with them.



Preactor provides low-cost technical training courses to enable you to develop solutions for your clients. Each year a week is set aside for Partners to network, socialize and receive more training and insights into Preactor’s commercial and development strategy.


Revenue Stream

We have many partners whose entire business is based on Preactor while for others it is complementary to their main business. The most successful partners have a dedicated team or individual to focus on Preactor expertise. We provide ‘not for resale’ licenses for you to demonstrate Preactor to prospects and a full SDK for Preactor development.

More About Preactor

Preactor is a world leader in production planning and scheduling software used by a wide range of businesses. Frequently integrated with ERP, MES, Supply Chain Management, and other IT solutions, Preactor’s breakthrough technology is used by more than 4500 small, medium and large multinational companies located in 88 countries.

"There's no company that has a tighter group of partners that truly collaborate and cooperate to create successful, growing businesses... Preactor offers the best of breed in planning and scheduling."

Bruce Hagberg

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