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Integrating Preactor
Preactor links to, adds value and extends many ERP and MES systems to help companies become leaner and has been used with more than 200 ERP and MES products.

Preactor offers additional detailed scheduling functionality that most ERP systems do not have.

The impressive benefits of adding Preactor APS to ERP systems have been shown by dozens of case studies and include:
  • up to 30% reduction in setup time
  • up to 60% reduction in planning time
  • up to 20% increase in productivity
  • up to 30% reduction of production cycle length
  • up to 80% decrease in materials inventory/stock
  • up to 2/3 reduction in work in progress
  • reduction of backlog
  • improved quality of material and information flow between departments
  • improved visibility and the ability to react to unexpected events
  • improved delivery performance and customer satisfaction
  • more effective skilled employee scheduling, reduction in overtime costs
  • fast implementation time
  • fast ROI, often in weeks

Choose an ERP system below to read more about how Preactor helps ERP become lean.

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