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SIMATIC IT Preactor AS Ultimate
SIMATIC IT Preactor AS Ultimate includes a developer licence (SIMATIC IT Preactor Ultimate Access) which gives access to the full flexibility that is possible with a SIMATIC IT Preactor system.  The database schema can be altered as required, including adding tables and fields, and via the SIT Preactor programming interfaces it is possible to create custom scheduling rules to solve specific scheduling problems and create custom data manipulation tools for use with the SIT Preactor workflow engine.

As the SIMATIC IT Preactor Ultimate Access licence is a one-off purchase for a company, included in the price of the first SIMATIC IT Preactor Ultimate level system, this enables a cost effective multi-licencing program for rolling out SIMATIC IT Preactor systems across multiple sites or scheduling environments.

Product Features
  • Multi-constraint scheduling (primary, secondary and materials)
  • Material consumption at order level
  • Static FIFO pegging rule
  • In software table and field renaming
  • In software grid view and dialog design
  • Full PIO functionality
  • PESP with Custom Actions to run external code
  • Mid batch update (display only)
  • Attribute based simple setup times
  • Flexible Order Routing
  • ‘Order at a Time’ scheduling (including weighting rule)
  • Unlimited re-nameable spare fields for attributes.
  • Transfer batching and Slack Times 
  • Mid batch update with recalculation
  • Full Sequence dependent attribute based setup times
  • A set of standard APS rules (preferred Sequence included)
  • APS PESP actions for multi-pass rules
  • Material consumption and production at operation level
  • Custom pegging rules
  • Advanced resource constraints (Match Field and Match Required)
  • Advanced operation constraints (Max time before next op, End offset, Inter-operation intervals)
  • Exclude resources based on Attribute 
  • Preactor Object API
  • Open Planning Board API – (custom scheduling rules)
  • Table and Menu definition editing
All SIMATIC IT Preactor scheduling features and classifications.