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Enabling ERP
Modern ERP software systems in themselves are critical tools for every manufacturing vertical. However, the addition of Preactor can take a manufacturer’s ERP package into another league without disturbing the existing functionality of their system.  

ERP systems typically do not have the data to model a system in enough detail to manage the shop floor.  They have a long term plan that does not easily provide the functionality to manage production on a day-to-day basis.  Preactor would seem to overlap with ERP but in fact it provides complementary features.  

ERP is good at costing, inventory control and transaction control for key business processes. Preactor is good at drilling down to the shop floor to manage individual orders or individual resources in real time.  It generates achievable production schedules that take into account all potential or existing constraints on the shop floor. It can increase throughput, reduce work in process and raw material inventory. It provides a ‘crystal ball’ for the planner to use at shop floor level.