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Planning vs Scheduling, What is the difference?

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Planning systems have a different feature set compared to detailed scheduling software because they are designed to do different things. 

Planning is typically mid to long term, it can be months or years ahead. A planning tool is essential to enhance competitiveness, increase profits and improve customer service.

Scheduling is more detailed and shorter term, for instance, it can be generated daily for individual machines, teams or people taking into account any constraints, such as resources that have limits like tools, people, skills or processes.

Planning helps you decide:
WHAT to make
WHEN to make
HOW MUCH to make
WHERE to make
Provides information on MATERIALS required
Provides information on RESOURCES required
Works days, weeks and months ahead

Scheduling helps you with:
HOW BEST to make (Excecution against plan)
PRIORITIES, constraints and conflicts
Works minutes, hours and days ahead